Remy Sharp FTW!!!!

I’ve long been an admirer/had a man-crush on Remy Sharp for his slick, ninja-like JavaScript Skills when lo and behold, this video came up on my feed!

Basically, you can do a lot of JavaScript coding right from Chrome, which is great because a)my vim and emacs skillz leave something to be desired and are a pain and b) TextMate is cool, but I don’t like having to tab in and out of it to make changes.

Full cred and props go to Remy, link to post and video below:

His super awesome blog

My first WordPress Plugin

I just uploaded my first WordPress Plugin to tonight!!

Actually, I wrote the plugin a while back when I was really digging into WordPress development. As a side note, WordPress is pretty much the only Blog/CMS I can stand…I hate Joomla! I even hate the name and the stupid exclamation mark at the end of the name! Drupal is ok, but I found it to be a little complicated at times and the learning curve is steep. Plus…I’m admittedly a bandwagon jumper. I go where the peeps are 😉

Anyways, I got some books and started developing my own plugins. The one I released tonight was actually the first one I developed. Ever. It’s pretty simplistic, it just embeds a Github Gist for you via shortcode in a post. I know what you’re thinking… “Whoa! Slow down there Tarzan! Save some complicated WordPress Plugin love for the rest of us!”. Yeah, yeah, it’s dead simple and I have a whole hard drive full of em!

The reason why I actually let it see the light of day was that I wanted to have a taste for submitting and maintaining a plugin instead of just hiding within the safety of developing code for clients.

Overall, my experience was pretty good. I did have an issue where Subversion for some reason didn’t like that I had a sub-directory in my plugin directory. I’m definitely comfortable with Git, but not so much with Subversion. This link helped me out with that:

But I didn’t realize that the sub-directory was missing until it was actually live on (doh!). So I apologize to the dozen or so people who downloaded the bum version. It’s all good now 🙂

Here’s the link to the plugin:

Oh, and don’t remind me that I suck at naming things… I’m already painfully aware 😦

Stop Whining!

I read articles like the one linked below all of the time:

Why you might ask since I develop a lot in PHP? For the same reason why I watch movies like “The Road” I suppose… maybe I like revelling in dark and moody arguments or themes. In all seriousness, I don’t necessarily disagree with this guy. I have had a lot of conversations about how language X sucks and is crappy. Hell, I have developed in JavaScript both as a hobbyist and in my career since 1998! But here’s my counter-argument… who cares?

Here’s a link that my research (2 mins spent on Google) :

What language isn’t on there!!!?!

I implore all developers out there…stop whining about this crap! I don’t care! It makes it so difficult to share ideas and thoughts when a typical conversation with a developer goes something like:

Other Dev: Hey man, what do you do?

Me: I’m a Web Developer.

Other Dev: Oh really? What kind of stuff do you do?

Me: Frontend and Backend. I like JavaScript and PHP. I do some Ruby as well.

Other Dev:  Oh you like JavaScript and PHP? They suck and you suck for liking them! I hope a hobo smashes you in the face with a shovel!

Obviously some dramatic license was taken with the above scenario. But the fact of the matter is that I don’t think there’s this magical language that’s out there that every developer is going to love. It’s like some weird display of hax0r skillz when you bash a language. I don’t care!

Even in the links provided, I know people will have arguments and rebuttals. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you KNOW about their limitations and have ways of working around them.

Just build stuff and share it! That’s all that matters in the end…