Yet Another New Year’s Resolution…

Here’s yet another attempt at running a blog…

Sadly, this will be my third or fourth kick at the bucket. The reason for the failed blogs in the past has mostly been lack of consistency and mostly because I was trying to make money from them. I find that when you try to make money by doing something that should be fun, you often end up broke and miserable…

What do I mean by “trying to make money” from a blog? Mostly, I went down the Internet Marketing path a few years back. I would like to say that I learned a lot and that I don’t regret trying to get into Internet Marketing, but I do. Lol.

See, I’m a Software Developer by training. Also, I’m somewhat introverted and the jury is still out on whether or not I have Asperger’s… so the idea of yours truly being that “Internet Marketing” guy was pretty out there, but I got suckered in because I thought it would make more money than being a Web Developer which was my day job at the time.

So, here goes another attempt… why? I don’t really know. An innate compulsion to share, to connect with others, and to just have a soapbox seems to answer that question in a way that satisfies me for now.


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